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Dual Scrape – Manure Scraper / Yard Squeegee

Next Generation Aluminium Yard Scraper

Manure Scraper, Yard Scraper, Manure Squeegee, Yard Squeegee – different names for the same thing. Let us introduce you to the Dual Scrape!

Dual Scrape Key Features

  • Full Aluminium Shaft
  • Hard Aluminium Edge for Hard to shift Material
  • Welder Staybars for Extra Strength
  • Rubber Blade for Soft Material
  • 455mm and 555mm suited for cubicle cleaner and sawdust levelling
  • 655mm and 755mm more suited to larger tasks, such as yard cleaning

We believe our Dual Scrape’s two uses are a first handheld yard scraper / squeegee. The rubber side is used for all soft or liquid material AND it can be flipped over onto the aluminium hard edge for use on tougher materials and solids.

The Dual Scrape yard scraper / squeegee is available in four different sizes starting from 455mm in width up to 755mm. Each size is suitable for tasks with the 455mm and 555mm ideally suited for cubicle cleaning and sawdust levelling and the 655mm and 755mm being more suited to larger tasks such as yard cleaning.

The Dual Scrape’s all aluminium design means this product can be washed and disinfected daily preventing rot that would occur on wooden shafts. This feature is extremely beneficial for cubicle cleaning as this will help reduce mastitas and bacteria buildup and spreading between mats.

All our yard scrapers are constructed in house from high quality aluminium including the shaft and also feature strengthening bars on each side. The materials used ensure the products are durable and long lasting when properly looked after.

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